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Top tips for cycling abroad


Are you planning to go for a trip abroad and decide to bike either for leisure or racing? If so, then this article would give you the best and practical tips before you go.

Know your Route

If you want to do a trail biking for adventure, then you have to research ahead the route so that you will be able to know the terrains and the different sites to see. Doing so can save you time to do more sight-seeing and reduce the hassle of deciding on where to go. As a tip, find a local and ask where the good rides are along with good places to eat and check out. When you have knowledge, you will always be on track.


The traffic is one of the most important things that you should also consider when cycling abroad. Different countries have different traffic flows and traffic rules. Thus, you should get acquainted with the specific traffic signs, the right of way, junctions and roundabouts. Research first and do not forget to note important details. When you are there, try and explore first the smaller roads before trying the bigger ones. As a great tip, you should also remember that when riding your bike, do not pass the cars where there is a possibility that they will pull out/turn left or right give them a wide path. Also, it is very important as a foreigner to know the local customs and standards. So, for you to have a perfect travel experience, be courteous along the road.


You should always check the temperature of the day before going to cycle. When it is hot, remember to wear a sports sun block to the visible areas of the skin which are not covered with your clothing include the back of the neck and ears as well to prevent sunburn. Also, wear the proper clothing or biking gear which you are comfortable with; something not too tight. Since the sun will keep you dehydrated and the activity itself will cause you to sweat and lose the water in your body, you should bring with you your water to keep you hydrated.


Bring light snacks with you like crackers and stay off the booze while riding. Save the beer at night or after your ride.

Bring Tools

For long rides, bring with you any of your tools or spare parts which you think you will need in the trip such as a bike pump (check out Bikes On Point bike pump guide). When things get bad and you need to fix something, then this tip can save you from the hassle when biking in the foreign country.

Buy travel insurance

Getting an insurance before you go is a very good thing. This will cover the damage or loss in your baggage when you take your bikes with you. Moreover, should you have accidents in the foreign area, the insurance will take care of you and your hospital bills. In addition, you may also want to get some insurance for your bikes. Try to research to get finer details of your policy and of course medical cover.