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16 Tips for Travelling in a Car with Children


Travelling with your kids by a car can be an exhausting experience, but there are some things you can do to make it more enjoyable. That is why we have decided to give you these 15 tips that should help you turn that travel around and have a good time.

  • Make sure you have good child seats. This is because both the regulations say so, but also because you need to keep your kids safe. The department of Transport has created a website childcarseats.org.uk which offers advice on how to carry these seats, how to choose them, the legal requirements, etc.
  • Make sure you pack the car well before you place your children in it, and be sure you give them plenty of room. Everything should be secured and nothing should fly loose; it could distract you while you’re driving or hurt your kids. Always carry a plastic bag for rubbish.Bring some wet-wipes, bottles of water, tissues, juice, pan and paper for kids’ games, etc.

Nowadays, the kids can play games on their phones, so make sure you download some of them for your children. You can find them on websites such as aa.com or nationalgeographic.com. There are also momsminivan.com and free-coloring-pages.com, which offer great colouring pages. It’s smart to install removable shades for windows. This will protect the kids from glare and sun, making it one less thing your kids are going to complain on. Some other useful tips for travelling with children include:

  1. Train an extra mirror on the back seat so that you can keep an eye on the children. This costs under £10 and it really comes in handy.
  2. Let the kids have their own travel company essex, and let them fill them with the games or toys they like.
  3. Make sure every child has their own headphones so that they could watch movies on their iPads, Smartphones or portable DVD players without disturbing others in the car.
  4. If you tie your young child’s toys to their seat, you won’t have to reach for them on the floor whenever they fall there.
  5. Start your journey during the night or early in the morning if you’ve got a long way to go. That way, the children are going to be asleep most of the time, but make sure you get plenty of rest!
  6. While the children sleep, make sure you cover them with some lightweight blankets which you ought to take from home with you.
  7. Everyone is going to get hungry at some time, so make sure you pack some healthy snacks; don’t pack something you know your kids won’t eat, but also don’t bring too much candy and sodas, which is only going to make them hyperactive.
  8. If you have a small baby, make sure you get a warming bottle that can be warmed up by plugging it into the car’s cigarette lighter socket.
  9. Allow the children to get some air and stretch their legs by taking a break from driving every two-three hours. Have some fun during that break.
  10. Children are the worst if you breakdown, ensure you have the best jump starter you can (just incase!)
  11. Stop at the rest areas that have playground for kids.
  12. Make sure you don’t get distracted by the kids as this could mean a trip to the local alloy wheel repair company.
  13. Make the older kids feel like they’re helping by giving them maps and letting them navigate.
  14. Eliminate squabbles between the kids by pre-arranging where each of them is going to sit.
  15. If the children are asleep and you’re approaching your destination, start waking them up slowly. This will ensure they’re fully awake by the time you get there, which is better than waking them up on the spot.