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Why You Need Diving Insurance


Diving is one of the most fascinating recreational activities available today. A lot of tourist destinations are now offering diving activities. Even scientists are now engaging in diving activities to research marine ecosystem and other phenomena underwater. Diving has opened a new world for people to explore. And since this is a new world, there are also risks and unknown dangers making diving insurance a necessity. Though amateur divers are reluctant, they are required to secure diving insurance. Thanks to our friends at Dive Master Insurance, here are several reasons why divers need a diving insurance.

  • Hospital bills – Several risks in diving can cause serious injuries while others can lead to death. Some health insurances do not cover hospitalization due to diving. With huge bills in some diving accidents, a diving insurance can cover such expenses lowering or even covering all the bills. This prevent the person from spending a significant amount of money for hospitalization.
  • Equipment replacement – Equipment is very important in diving. It allows divers to stay underwater for an extended period longer than free diving. Equipment are also expensive. This is why divers need to spend a significant resources if they want to engage on diving activities frequently. If any equipment breaks down, it will be additional cost for the diver. However, there are diving insurances which cover equipment replacement.
  • Accident responsibilities – Accidents cannot be avoided even in diving. However, accidents do not only cause inconvenience to the victim but also for other parties which might be held responsible. Diving insurance can provide coverage for the patient on behalf of the responsible party allowing the person covered from spending too much money for the accident.
  • Diving requirement – Most diving establishments and local authorities are including diving insurance as part of the requirement. People without diving insurance are often banned from engaging in diving activities. Sometimes, diving insurance will vary depending on the depth the person dives where deeper dives will cost additional money for the divers.
  • Business requirement – With diving gaining popularity all around the world, diving establishments and guides are now also many in numbers. Since any mishaps in a diving expedition can cause reparation towards the diving establishments, local authorities would require the establishments to secure diving insurance to ensure that any accidents can be covered without fail.

If you are planning to go in a diving trip, make sure to get a diving insurance which covers the location and depth of the dive.